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NOF LogoNOF Corporation develops novel chemical compounds and produces Biolipidure Reagents are synthetic BSA substitutes for life science research and product development. Biolipidure Reagents enhance sensitivity and specificity in ELISAs, rapid tests, and other immunoassays by decreasing non-specific binding and stabilizing antibody-antigen complexes.

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Cat # Name Size Price
Biolipidure-1002-10 Biolipidure-1002-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-1002-100 Biolipidure-1002-Reagent 100 mL Call
Biolipidure-103-10 Biolipidure-103-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-103-100 Biolipidure-103-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-1201-10 Biolipidure-1201-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-1201-100 Biolipidure-1201-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-1301-10 Biolipidure-1301-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-1301-100 Biolipidure-1301-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-203-10 Biolipidure-203-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-203-100 Biolipidure-203-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-206-10 Biolipidure-206-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-206-100 Biolipidure-206-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-405-10 Biolipidure-405-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-405-100 Biolipidure-405-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-502-10 Biolipidure-502-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-502-100 Biolipidure-502-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-702-10 Biolipidure-702-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-702-100 Biolipidure-702-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-802-10 Biolipidure-802-Reagent 10mL Call
Biolipidure-802-100 Biolipidure-802-Reagent 100mL Call
Biolipidure-set Set of 10 Biolipidure Reagents 10mL x 10 Call
Lipidure-AC01 Lipidure-AC01 Reagent 5 mL Call
Lipidure-BG Lipidure-BG-Reagent 20g (10g x 2) Call
Lipidure-CM5206 Lipidure-CM5206-Reagent 1g Call
Lipidure-NH01 Lipidure-NH01 Reagent 5 mL Call
Lipidure-NH01-100 Lipidure-NH01-100 100 mL Call
Lipidure-NH01-1000 Lipidure-NH01-1000 1 L Call
Lipidure-NH01-5 Lipidure-NH01-5 5 mL Call