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Menicon Life Science LogoMenicon Life Science is a division of parent company Menicon. Menicon developed Japan’s first-ever corneal contact lenses in 1951. Since that time, Menicon has proudly continued to develop safe products by pioneering improved materials and technologies. Menicon Life Science utilizes Menicon's vast development, technological capacities, and loyalty to safety in order to introduce new products and services for life science research, including assisted reproductive technologies and advanced medical technologies.

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ShellPa System Brochure

Cat # Name Size Price
NNMS Standard ShellPa mechanical cell strain instrument Main Unit, Controller, Air Compressor, 6 stretch chambers $16000.00
SC4B 4cm2 Stretch Chamber Pack of 6 chambers $150.00
SPG-178-104 PanaceaGel for 3D Cell Culture 1ml $95.00
SPG-178-108 PanaceaGel for 3D Cell Culture 1ml $200.00