InviTrap RNA Cell HTS 96 Kit/ C

Applications: Nucleic Acid Purification Kits
Categories: DNA/RNA Isolation

The InviTrap RNA Cell HTS 96 Kit is a powerful tool for RNA isolation from human and animal cells from 96 samples in parallel. The cells can directly be lysed in 96 well cell culture plates. The genomic DNA is removed without an enzymatic digestion step. RNases are inactivated to prevent RNA degradation. The isolated RNA is ready to use for a broad panel of downstream applications like RT-PCR, northern blotting and array technologies. The kit can be used in a centrifuge, vacuum-manifold or on a robotic workstation.

  • Pure RNA without DNase digestion: selective genomic DNA removal during lysis step
  • Cleaner RNA for better RT-PCR results: no DNA contamination - up to 20 ug RNA in 35 minutes

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