HEK293-ADRB3 Adrenergic-beta 3 receptor stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line

Applications: Cell Screening
Categories: Cells

The beta-3 adrenergic receptor (beta-3 adrenoreceptor), also known as ADRB3, is an beta-adrenergic receptor, and also denotes the human gene encoding it. Actions of the beta-3 receptor include enhancement of lipolysis in adipose tissue & thermogenesis in skeletal muscle. It is located mainly in adipose tissue and is involved in the regulation of lipolysis and thermogenesis. Some beta-3 agonists have demonstrated antidepressant effects in animal studies, suggesting it also has a role in the CNS. Beta adrenergic receptors are involved in the epinephrine- and norepinephrine-induced activation of adenylate cyclase through the action of the G proteins of the type Gs.