Red/ET Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit (need license to buy)

Applications: Cloning
Categories: Red/ET Cloning

This is a new version of counter-selection cassette pRpsL-neo for the Red/ET Recombination system. It is based on Streptomycin selection. The kit is designed to modify any type of bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) within 2-3 weeks by using a counter-selection cassette. The included counter-selection cassette pRpsL-neo is based on Streptomycin selection which shows a much higher efficiency than pSacB-neo or comparable systems. This kit can also be used to work on bacterial chromosomes and common ColE1 origin plasmids. This Kit combines the high Red/ET efficiency plus convenient removal of the Red/ET Recombination protein expression plasmid pRedET after recombination. Please Note: This product is only available to licensed customers. Academic and non-profit laboratories can obtain a license free-of-charge by simply signing off on the terms of the Red-ET Non-Commercial License (.pdf file can be found on the right column of this page). Companies need to contact Gene Bridges directly regarding licensing terms (link can be found under Suppliers). Please contact B-Bridge International or Gene Bridges for further information.