Company Overview

Our Mission

We are committed to bringing life science technologies from around the world into the hands of every researcher. We capitalize on our technical knowledge and multi-national collaborations to add value at multiple stages of the research process to accelerate discovery and develop new technologies with far reaching applications.

Corporate overview:

B-Bridge was established in 2000 by CEO Hiro Masumoto to bring life science products from the United States into the Japanese market. In 2003 Mr. Masumoto co-founded Avocel Inc. with Stanford Professor Mark Kay. Avocel, a siRNA technology company, was later purchased by Benitec Ltd. Also co-founded in 2003 was STREX, Ltd of Japan. Even today, B-Bridge and STREX remain close collaborators to support instrument sales worldwide. B-Bridge has capitalized on its extensive and diverse network of business partners – distributors, suppliers, and business collaborators - to establish four distinct business units. Each business unit plays a unique role in the research and discovery process.

B-Bridge, Inc. Business Units:

Life Science

Connecting Investigators with New Research Tools

Our life science business unit is dedicated to supporting life science researchers worldwide through the sale of research reagents, tools, equipment, and contract services. To provide the highest quality customer service, our business is divided into 2 distinct divisions.

  • Research tools for the Americas, Europe, Asia (except Japan), Middle East, and Africa.

    This division is focused on providing life science research tools to investigators in the Americas, Europe, Asia (except Japan), Middle East, and Africa. We work directly with end users as well as a close network of distributors to most effectively serve researchers and provide superior customer service. We partner with manufacturers worldwide to distribute high-quality, innovative research tools in addition to selling our own B-Bridge brand products. If you are looking to partner with an experienced distributor in the life sciences please contact us at

  • Tools for Japanese researchers.

  • Manufacturers interested in entering the Japan market

    The second division, our life science Japan team, connects product manufacturers from outside of Japan to, researchers in academia, research institutes, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries within Japan. We take advantage of our extensive dealer network relationships and years of personal contacts within Japan’s life science community. We are continuously striving to introduce novel products and technologies to Japanese researchers and have effectively established logistics for exporting research reagents, including temperature sensitive products. If you are looking for a competent partner to expand your sales in Japan or a partner to export your products to Japan, we look forward to hearing from you at

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Incubation Business Unit

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Resources

Business Incubation

B-Bridge supports the successful development of local and international start-up companies through an array of business resources and services offered by us and our network of contacts. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • • Establishing a Business
  • • Human Resources and Hiring Support
  • • Accounting and Tax Support
  • • Commercialization and Distribution of Products

For more information, please contact us at

Technology Transfer

As a part of our incubation business, we support the commercialization of innovative technologies. In 2009, B-Bridge launched an online portal connecting innovations to commercialization opportunities by providing a free searchable database of new developments, discoveries, and other intellectual property. Featuring advanced technologies from leading institutions, the online portal provides opportunities for both businesses and inventors to find the right partner to market new innovations. For more information, please visit

Education & Training

As a global company, we strongly believe in the importance of educating and training future international business leaders in a dynamic and international environment. We accept trainees from overseas, improve their command of the English language, increase cultural awareness, and introduce business customs, to make them competitive in the global marketplace. We customize training programs to each trainee’s needs. For details, please contact us at

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Biosensor Business Unit

Connecting New Technology with Opportunity

Our Biosensor technologies use NeuroSky’s proprietary ThinkGear ASIC Module (TGAM) chipset in combination with dry dual electrodes, a proprietary algorithm, and a compact, non-intrusive design to accurately measure EEG.

Using this technology, we have developed a number of biosensor products for clinical and research use as well as athletic applications. Our Brain Athlete allows athletes to track and improve their focus and concentration and has been used by athletes from golfers to the USA Olympic Archery team. The B3 Brain Band software is for researchers looking for a convenient and mobile EEG alternative

For detailed information about all of our Biosensor technology products and applications please visit

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B-Bridge Co., Ltd

Japan, Affiliate

B-Bridge International, Ltd is our affiliate company based in Tokyo, Japan which supports all three business units with real-time customer support, importation of products, in addition to direct sales for a few product lines. For more information about our affiliate please visit

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