Unlimited Cloning with Red/ET

Are you tired of finding restriction sites? 

Red/ET Recombineering utilizes the mechanism of homologous recombination in E. coli to offer unprecedented freedom in gene cloning. 
  • Unlimited cloning, subcloning, and modification of DNA of any size at any chosen position
Red_ET cloning 2
Choose a product for your needs:
BAC Modification Kit (K001)
Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit (K002)
E. coli Gene Deletion Kit (K006)
And many more!

High-Throughput Cell RNA Isolation

Got lots of samples to grind through? Isolate RNA from 96 cell samples in parallel with the InviTrap RNA Cell HTS 96 Kit

  • Cells can be directly lysed in 96-well culture plates
  • Remove DNA contamination without enzyme treatment
  • Up to 20 ug RNA in 30 minutes
  • Compatible with centrifuges, vacuum-manifolds or robotic workstations
Stratec Box

Stable Cell Lines for Drug Screening

stable cell line

Innoprot has developed and continues to develop stable cell lines with constitutive expression of a wide variety of genes, including GPCRs, ion channels, proteases & kinases as well as various other enzymes, transmembrane proteins & adhesion molecules. These cell lines are designed for High Content Screening (HCS) methodologies and have been fully tested and validated for these purposes. 

Human esRAGE ELISA Kit

B-Bridge's popular esRAGE ELISA Kit specifically detects the endogenous secreted form of RAGE (i.e. esRAGE) in human plasma and serum samples. esRAGE competes with RAGE as a receptor for Advanced Glycation End products (AGE). 
The esRAGE protein has been implicated in physiological changes associated with diabetes, Alzheimer's, and vascular diseases as reported in over 100 publications citing our kit.